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Embroidery is the art of decorating different materials such as fabric by using a needle and a thread. For garment decoration and applying logos this is usually done with computer-controlled machines.

Orange Clothing Company currently has 5 state-of-the-art embroidery machines; our embroidery plant is designed to cater for all size orders from a single item upwards. We use custom built software to keep garment and embroidery delivery times to a minimum.

With the largest embroidery plant in Western NSW and 'one-stop-shop' facilities, we'll walk you through the entire process from logo design to garment selection and embroidery.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method of creating an image by pressing ink through a screen with areas masked or blocked off by a stencil. This technique is suitable for producing Company logos or designs on a wide range of garments.

The images can be single colour or multi-colour; multi colour images require the use of multiple screens, one for each colour.

With access to premium ink ranges, you can choose from plain, fluoro, even metallic looks!

Digital Printing

Popular for complex logos, digital printing is perfect for producing vibrant, multi-coloured prints to be transferred onto hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and bags (for example). Minimal set-up enables a fast and economical service, with no minimum quantities.

Whether you supply the design, or we draw it from scratch, our talented team will deliver the look you're after. This, coupled with state-of-the-art technology ensures a durable, high-quality print, even on stretch fabrics such as Lycra.

Client Account Manager

No matter the size of your business, our team will look after your requirements, keeping track of your uniform selection and requirements.

Larger clients have a dedicated and specialised account manager to look after you and your team. Keeping you informed on the latest products, a direct contact for all enquires, as well as guiding your staff through the ordering process.

Style your Uniform

Our sales staff can guide you through the whole style selection process for a new Uniform range or refresh. Trained and up to date with the newest ranges from our large range of suppliers. If you don't know where to start, we can guide you through and style a Uniform look for your organisation ensuring all your teams' requirements are met.

Come in-store, or we can come to you with a customised selection.

On Site Fitting Days

It can be hard to arrange all staff members to come instore to try on Uniforms. We can arrange On Site Fittings at your organisation's premises with a full-size range for staff to try on and order. Trained staff members will attend to assist, so your team finds the best fit.

Contact us for further information!

Custom Design Services

Aside from utilising our in-house decoration services, we can assist to design and manufacture custom garments and accessories, for corporate, workwear and sporting uniforms.

Fully sublimated prints, where the whole garment has a print design all over. Specialised finishes, adaptations of garments to make them perfect for your staff's requirements.

We design and supply custom woven Ties and printed Scarves. Minimums do apply for custom items, contact the team for more information.

Customised Client Portal

We offer a client portal through our website where staff can login to a secure account, showing available uniforms for your team. This can be organised into departments to best suit your requirements.

Staff allocations can also be managed by our secure software platform to take the admin away from your organisation.

This service is successfully utilised by several of our key client, one of which includes 1400 staff members.

School Uniforms

We stock a large range of the local Public and Private school uniforms. A dedicated school retail store and trained staff members to assist with fitting and advising on students' requirements. We stock uniform ranges and accessories for all seasons.

School Uniform Online store, will be coming soon!

Promotional Items

We can supply an extensive range of promotional items with your organisations branding. Pens, Water bottles, coffee cups, notebooks, bags, mugs, stubby coolers, this list goes on, if you have an idea, we can help it come together for you!

Online Store

Purchase your workwear needs online, with new styles being added regularly, our online store shows a large range of our product offerings, that can be ordered and delivered to your door. With popular styles stocked in our warehouse ready to dispatch, and the wider range that is available for back order, orders are placed the next business day with our suppliers. Contact us if you would like to add one of our decoration services to your garments.

Retail Store

With a large range of corporate wear instore you are sure to find the right garment or product for your Organisation. We stock sizes of our core corporate wear items, basic scrubs, chef wear and a range of hi-vis workwear, available for individuals to purchase on the spot.

If we don't have what you are after in-store, we can order items in from our extended range for you to try and purchase.

Our trained staff will be able to assist to find exactly what you need and talk you through the decorating process as well.

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